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Sale: Made by an antique tuner from the United States, specializing in finding some old gramophone speakers in antique markets around the world. Through the design of modern high-quality wooden box microphones made by ourselves, they become advanced players for smart phones. The phonograph belongs to the predecessor of the vinyl disc player (1847-1931s) and is the most widely used in the upper class. At the end of the 19th century, the German engineer Emil, who studied in the United States (Emile Berliner, 1851-1929) also worked hard on the experiment of sound recording. In 1887, he successfully improved Edison’s drum-type phonograph and invented the turntable-type gramophone, which was similar to the current record. The first-generation phonograph record used only had one song on each side. People at the time cherished this short two- to three-minute automatic playback time. The unique speaker gave people a feeling of going back in time. Soft and gentle tone. It reappears after a hundred years. It is full of artistic sense and practicality in the home. Now you can pre-order it from us.

The order will arrive in Hong Kong within 40-50 days (depending on the customs epidemic situation) Sometimes it will arrive early.

There are now different sound boxes to choose from:

1) Simply plug into the phone to play, no need to plug in.

2) Use Bluetooth to play

If it is not a Bluetooth device, you need to purchase an update separately, please contact us.