Collection of European antique Silverware for sales.

"Angel's Wings" have "eclipse black version" and "plain silver version" pendant
Sale: The "Angel Wings" produced by high-end silverware brand 794729metalwork are available for sale..
1900s British antique silverware cigarette case
1900s British antique silverware cigarette case with original elastic band inside...
Antique cross with sterling silver + K gold
Crosses of silverware made from South America. Antique crosses with K gold bag bottoms are rare. The..
British 1901 antique sterling silver telescope
Sale: British antique-grade 1901 (120 years ago) sterling silver telescope. At that time, this type ..
British made tortoiseshell sterling silver antique magnifying glass
Sale: Antique magnifying glass made in England tortoiseshell sterling silverCondition: great Or..
Famous Roman glass (made in ancient Rome)
This is a famous ancient Roman glass purchased from an antique dealer in Jerusalem, Israel. It was e..
Foreign Imported Handmade Car Flower 925 Sterling Silver Breastpin
Sale: foreign imported handmade car flower 925 sterling silver Breastpin...
Imperial Kaleidoscope
"A peek into the colorful world of kaleidoscope!" The mini metal "adult use grade" kaleidoscope made..
Victorian oak silver-plated box/storage box
Decorated with European medieval samurai armor helmets Sale: Noble British antiques, Victorian oak s..
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