Interesting little things

Collection of European antique little things for sales.

"Angel's Wings" have "eclipse black version" and "plain silver version" pendant
Sale: The "Angel Wings" produced by high-end silverware brand 794729metalwork are available for sale..
Antique cross with sterling silver + K gold
Crosses of silverware made from South America. Antique crosses with K gold bag bottoms are rare. The..
British 1901 antique sterling silver telescope
Sale: British antique-grade 1901 (120 years ago) sterling silver telescope. At that time, this type ..
British 20-30s antique letter folder
British 20-30s antique letter clips, folders, paper can be fixed on the elegant workbench...
British Imported Brass Perpetual Calendar Keychain
Fun mini keychain, add a little fun to life Introducing our nostalgic brass mini perpetual calend..
British made tortoiseshell sterling silver antique magnifying glass
Sale: Antique magnifying glass made in England tortoiseshell sterling silverCondition: great Or..
Devilfish Sunfish Fossil
"Cyclobathis perch, commonly known as ray, devil sunfish, is a cartilaginous fish. This species was ..
Early European metal antique matchbox
Sale: It is a very early European metal antique matchbox. The shopkeeper now often puts some small m..
Famous Roman glass (made in ancient Rome)
This is a famous ancient Roman glass purchased from an antique dealer in Jerusalem, Israel. It was e..
Foreign Imported Handmade Car Flower 925 Sterling Silver Breastpin
Sale: foreign imported handmade car flower 925 sterling silver Breastpin...
Imperial Kaleidoscope
"A peek into the colorful world of kaleidoscope!" The mini metal "adult use grade" kaleidoscope made..
Mini medieval astronomical instrument shape keychain
Based on the astronomical instruments of the great nautical era, brass telescope keychain is manufac..
Mini telescope keychain
Fun mini keychain, add a little fun to life Introduce our nostalgic brass mini binoculars purchas..
Portraits of ladies and gentlemen
European hand-painted portraits of ladies and gentlemen from the 1880s to the 1900s.You can buy them..
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