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1. Policy outline (This website) promises to protect your privacy rights. In accordance with the Hong Kong Privacy Ordinance and internationally recognized personal data privacy protection policies, your privacy rights are protected. Please read the following about the privacy policy ("this privacy policy"). If you have any questions about your privacy on this website, please email to [email protected] .


The "Privacy Policy" of this website includes the following items:
a) The type of information we collect and the reason for collection; and
b) How we use information


2. Types of data collected
This website mainly collects three types of data, namely personal data, non-personal data and disclosure of personal data to third parties.

(i)Personal Information
"Personal data" refers to personally identifiable information. When you use this website, it includes but is not limited to the personal data submitted when you communicate, use or/and register as an account on this website (ie, ordinary member or film critic member) , Make inquiries with film critics, post opinions in the message/comment area, participate in competitions, fill in questionnaires, send emails to this website or merchants, contact or inquire, submit affiliate agreements, apply for positions, post videos, register by any third party through this For special events held by the website (hereinafter referred to as "identification activities"), this website may require you to submit personal information. If you voluntarily participate in such activities, this website will require you to submit personal information, such as your name (Chinese and/or English), mailing address, email address, contact number and age. If you purchase a discount through this website, this website will ask you to provide your credit card number, security code, expiration date or other relevant information. The information may be required or voluntary, depending on the activity. If you are unwilling to provide the required information in an event, this website reserves the right to refuse your participation in the event.

(ii) Non-personal information
"Non-personal information" refers to information that has nothing to do with personal identity, including but not limited to the website address, browser type and IP address that you browse before or after browsing this website.

(iii)All related or related personal information and non-personal information listed on this website, whether it is an ordinary or a film critic member, are voluntary and may include contact emails or phone numbers, etc.


3. Ways to use information

a) This website will use your personal data for the following general purposes: managing and updating website content or related competitions, improving website content, enhancing marketing and publicity effectiveness, analyzing the website and improving products or services.

b) If you share or reward offers to friends through this website, this website has the right to store the personal data of the sender and recipient. This website will allow the recipient to view and accept the preferential information sent by you, or allow the recipient to access the information you request from this website.

c) This website will comply with laws and regulations or the requirements of government agencies, and in accordance with the terms of service and privacy policy of this website, to have the opportunity to use your personal data to resolve problems, resolve disputes, handle administrative work, contact you, and execute the relationship between this website and you.

d) Third parties and advertisers authorized by this website have the right to use "Cookies","Web beacons" or "Pixel tags" to automatically collect certain information and store it in a log file. This website will comply with laws and regulations or the requirements of government agencies, and can use your non-personal information to troubleshoot problems, manage the website, analyze trends, and collect statistics. This website may also share your non-personal information with authorized third parties and advertisers to measure the overall effectiveness of online promotion, content and programs.

e) This website may provide the merchants who provide services or products on behalf of this website with the personal information you fill in when you participate in the identification activities in order to provide you with products or services. The cooperative merchants/business partners of this website are only authorized to use your personal data when necessary. However, this privacy policy does not apply to sites other than this site. This website is not responsible for other websites or their privacy policies.

f) This website may provide your personal information to third parties that have a strategic relationship with this website, including but not limited to authorized organizations that provide processing and publicity email services on this website. This website encourages merchants and third parties to adopt and specify privacy policies. However, this website is not responsible for the privacy policies established by merchants and third parties.

g) This website may provide your personal information when transferring company business, this website may merge with any commercial organization. In this case, the new company will receive the personal data managed by this website. However, this privacy policy will continue to apply.

h) This website may also disclose personal information related to you to protect the safety of this website or other people. In order to comply with the law or execute judicial procedures, or to strengthen the privacy policy, terms of service or other agreements of this website, this website reserves the right to share your personal data with third parties to protect the rights, assets and Safety.

i) This website may provide your non-personal information to its partners, affiliates and advertisers, such as sharing statistics (excluding personal information) with third-party advertisers or third-party advertising companies, and other services that provide the following Third party. For example: This website uses a third-party advertising company to provide you with online advertisements on this website. These companies may need to use your non-personal information from this website or other websites to provide you with some product or service advertisements that interest you through online tags. This website will also invite third parties to use non-personal information to analyze trends, manage the website and improve the quality of the website. This website may also disclose this information to advertisers or represent the community for publicity purposes. Note: Non-personal information is only the collective data of the activity. All information is provided by this website and owned and used by us.


4. Choose to disclose the collection and use of personal data

4.1 You can choose not to provide personal information to this website, although you must submit such information to this website when participating in a specific event.

4.2 If you register as a member (a member of film critics) on this website, this website will have the opportunity to send you an account or information via this website email or promotional email. You can choose not to receive promotional emails. This website will publish the service advertisements provided by this website in promotional emails, including exclusive offers or service details, or other products and services provided by advertisers or affiliated companies. If you do not want to receive such promotional emails, you can send an email to [email protected] at any time after registering as an account on this website or click the "unsubscribe" link under the promotional email. If you send an email to this website, please indicate your name and email address.


5. Keep your personal data safe

a) This website attaches great importance to the security of your personal information. You can enter your personal information page through your email address and password. The password is encrypted, this website recommends that you never reveal the password to anyone. Only employees or third-party companies authorized by this website can access relevant information.

b) However, data transmission on the Internet or any wireless network cannot be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Even if this website does its best to protect your personal data, it still cannot guarantee that all you send to this website, or online products or products from this website. You must bear these risks for the security of the information obtained by the service.


6. Tracking data
6.1 In order to make your usage habits more convenient and personal, this website will store Cookies in your computer.  Cookies  are small files stored on the hard disk, used to collect comprehensive information of visitors, allowing you to browse this website more efficiently, such as remembering your nickname and providing relevant information based on your interests. None of the above information can identify your personal identity, such as which pages the visitor has browsed or clicked on. The use of Cookies technology can make your interaction with us more convenient.

6.2 In addition, the third-party advertising company placed on this website may host additional Cookies on your computer. This website has no responsibility for these additional Cookies . The third-party advertising company will customize the Privacy protection policy, rights and responsibilities are also not included in this privacy policy. Most browsers are set to accept Cookies, you can also set your browser to reject all Cookies. If you set your browser to reject all Cookies, your browsing experience on this website may be completely different.

6.3 This website will also use technologies recognized by other industries, such as Pixel tags and Web beacons, to record the pages you have visited on this website. This website can also share your information with authorized third parties and advertisers. Non-personal information.  Pixel tags and Web beacons are transparent graphics files placed on specific webpages or emails to collect browsing data. This website will convert the information collected through Pixel tags  and Web beacons  into non-personal data.  Pixel tags and Web beacons can measure and improve visitors’ views and user experience, and measure the overall effectiveness of online promotions, content, and programs. This website will also use the information collected by Pixel tags and Web beacons by affiliate members or other third parties who have a strategic relationship with this website.


7. Update or modify personal information
You have the right to enter and change your personal information, please go to the information change page to make changes. This website encourages you to maintain correct, complete and up-to-date personal information. Email to [email protected]